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Kinesiology, through muscle testing (a simple and natural way to get in contact with cell memory) is able to identify the factors contributing to our difficulties as well as the équilibrations that can put an end to them.

Muscle testing makes kinesiology a non-intrusive and very effective method because it only gives access to data that are still active.

Kinesiology was created in 1960 through the work of an American chiropractor, G. Goodheart, who was able to relate discoveries he made in his field, with research conducted by colleagues and some traditional oriental medicines practices.


The areas of intervention of kinesiology are multiple. Here is a partial list;  Learning difficulties, fears, phobias, shyness, relationship difficulties, depression, repetitive behaviors ... and in general any stress related discomfort or difficulties.

Kinesiology can be used by anyone wishing to develop his or her full potential.

It can also play an excellent preventive role, helping the person to manage stress and blocked emotions before they have a negative impact on health.


Stimulating the flow of energy leads to a natural self-healing response at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  To stimulate the flow of energy several "tools" can be used; acuponcture points, neuro lymphatic points, sounds, colors, floral elixirs ...


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