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As far back as I can remember, I have always been interested in the meaning of life,  wanting to understand the mechanisms of the psyche, body and spirit.

Of course, some places are inspiring ... Growing up in the old pilgrim hospital adjacent to a monastery, was the right place to explore human suffering but also human ability to transcend itself...


When I was 14 years old and in this context I came across a book that would open up many paths to explore : "By the body of the earth" Satprem .

I went on to develope a close interest in Hinduism and Buddhism as well as Cabalistic teachings.

My approach to these traditions is not dogmatic but pragmatic.

I am convinced, in fact, that one can find in these traditions an old and forgotten wisdom that can be useful to us, a kind of " manual of how to be a human being "...


After studying architecture, my interest in and curiosity about the diversity of thought led me to travel and dicover other cultures while working as an intern architect. I had the chance to live in different places such as Japan , where I practiced Zen Sotto meditation, England, where I discovered the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and the United States where I was able to deepen these teachings ...


When I returned to Belgium and after the birth of my daughter,I went back to school to study kinesiology at the IBK .


Through kinesiology and energy healing, my own life experience and my many years of practicing yoga, meditation, Nada yoga, self exploration through various at your service.


Training in Kinesiology :

TFH - Touch For Health,

One brain,

Edu - Kinésiology,

Wellness Kinesiology,

AP - Applied physiollogy,

SIPS - System of Indicator Points of Stress,

LEAP - Brain Integration-Learning  Enhancement Acupressure Program,

NEP - Neuro-Emotional Pathways.


Energy Healing: Reiki , Chironic , Realignment of the subtel body with L Dufresne, Energy Healing with P. Lessart, Microchakra with Shyamji Barhnagar ...


Other: Transactional Analysis, Anatomy, Micronutrition .

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