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During a kinesiology or energy session, the person is considered holistically and self-healing force -in the broadest sense- are stimulated.


Who is kinesiology for?

Kinesiology is open to all, adults and children including babies and the future mothers.


What are the focus areas of kinesiology?

The areas of intervention of kinesiology are multiple. Here is a partial list;

- learning difficulties,

- fears

- phobias,

- shyness,

- relationship difficulties ,

- depression ,

- repetitive behaviors ...

and generally all stress related discomfort.


When is kinesiology indicated?

Kinesiology is useful during crisis in a timely manner but also to support a personal journey or a desire for change and growth. It can also play preventive role in helping you manage stress and blockages before they can have a negative impact on health, emotions or mental state.


Is kinesiology compatible with other methods or therapies?

Yes, both compatible and complementary with other "soft " or " alternative" methods and also with a possible medical treatment to which it is in no way a substitute.


How does a session of kinesiology works?

During a private session of Kinesiology, the self healing forces of the person are stimulated with differents "tools" such as sounds, acupuncture points, neuro-lymphatic points, reflex zones ... all of which are ways to balance and restore the flow of energy within the aura.

Attention to breathing (through breathing exercises) is also used and offen of a great help...

Verbalization and/or awareness (putting words on feelings, impressions, discomfort) is also an important part of the transformation process.

The sessions are based on open dialogue and mutual respect without judgment.

I attach vital importance to respecting the differences in people as well as their religious, political and philosophical choices...


How does an energy healing session works?

During an energy healing session hands are used to work on the energetic body. It is a like a massage but  without touching the person. The session usually takes place in silence.


What is the duration and cost of a session?

The session is for aproximatlly 1 hour and its cost is 80 Euros.

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