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Some clients testimonials whom I thank for their confidence.


"Like St. Thomas, I need to see to believe. With Ines, there will always be this abstract dimension that I will never understand, but the benefits of a session with Ines, are them clearly visible, palpable and undeniable.

After 7 years, I continue to come occasionally  and I am always full of admiration for the woman with enormous wisdom , remarkable open spirit and deep knowledge of her profession. "





"I met Ines a little over a decade, encouraged if not forced to call her by sister more than a friend, who was afraid to see me finish "in the hole".

If I can really write this today, it is thanks to them both and especially Ines. It was a very special moment, a moment where everything could change for good or worse, a precise moment when all the cards in the game of life turn white, where one does not even know anymore that there are assets left . A dark moment where smiles, arms, and the lights in the eyes of loved ones no longer measure up to tears and dark thoughts. An emergency ... but a particular one …because neither doctors nor psychologists could have intervened as quickly and efficiently as Ines.

Since then, many things happened, some happy, some sad, and I learned, among other things, that in my life I always have a choice to make of it a drama or a joy. I've improved a little ...

I have worked a lot on myself ... because it's inevitable that when you get better and find the energy that restores foundations, which heals wounds, good energy can help you grow at all levels. I regularly  return to Ines to "empty my trash can" and share my progress and my joys.

I generously distributes her address like so many gifts of life, because I know that when you're not well, how urgent it is sometimes to  finally arrive in the arms of a guardian angel ... thank you Ines . "




"Each kinesiology appointment, allows me to make an "active pause" with myself, to better understand myself, listen to my inner self and be aware of what is happening deep inside. This gives me a broader vision and allows me to consider different situations in a new way, with more distance, keeping an eye on my ego, my reflexes and my bad habits.

By her sensitive intelligence and finesse, Ines helps me progress. These fruitful sessions allow me to open new possibilities, to develop myself more confidently and live with more foresight."



Inès changed my life. This not just another cliche. Inès really changed my life!  When I consulted her,  my relationship with my 5 year old daughter was very difficult. I had the impression of living in prison "because of her". These are things  one does not say. Yet I thought them, gnawed by guilt, torn between maternal love and the feeling of no longer having a life. In one session, Inès completely changed my perception of my daughter. From being a weight (I dare say), she became a gift. I even revisited my distant memories with her, as far as the first night at the maternity. In the days that followed, my daughter changed her behaviour as well. She was happier, more cuddly too. Since then, we have spent moments together. Today I am the happiest of moms because I had the opportunity to  live the birth of my daughter twice . Thank you Ines.


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