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Human beings, like all living beings, are animated by the "energy of life".  This energy is the main the difference between animate and inanimate beings.

It's this energy that the Chinese call "chi " and the Japanese " ki " or " prana " in Sanskrit.


This energy does not behave like a shapeless mass, it is organized and circulates through channels and sub-channels a littel like the bloodstream.

Energy is always in motion , subject to constant fluctuations and is affected  by our mental and emotional states, memories, trauma....

Any repetitive thought, blocked emotion... will gradually affect the flow of the energy and create blockages.

Those blockages result in physical organs that are less irrigated, although being just as much sollicited…. So eventually they will be affected. If the imbalance persists, the disease can appear.


The energy healing, by laying of hands, acts on those blockages and promotes fluidity and optimal circulation of the energy.

The perceived benefits can be emotional or physical or both.

The purpose of a healing energy can be preventive or curative.


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