Introduction to subtle anatomy

Explores our subtle anatomy with practical exercises (single or by pair) that will enable you to feel the energy and its flow and better understand that reality. We go through a brief theory covering the concept of subtle anatomy in the Vedic tradition (bodies, koshas, nadis, prana, chakras...). Specific sounds corresponding to main chakras are used. This introduction will lay the foundations that will allow you to continue your path with confidence.

Mudras, sacred gestures, healing gestures.

This workshop is an introduction to mudras, their origins, the thinking that underlies them, the reasons of their effectiveness.

The workshop includes a practical part to allow us to feel the effects of the mudra on our global state of mind and feeling. There will be theoretical explanations and written documentation is provided.

The aim is to give participants a simple, efficient and usable "everyday tool".

Active meditation

Alternatively silent sitting and exercises that optimize the flow of energy and promote its self-regulation. Among these energy exercises there may be: specific movements, sounds, visualizations, mudras (hand yoga) ...

Colors and chakras

We will talk about color in chromotherapy, about subtle anatomy and its correspondence with the light spectrum; the relationship relationship "color/chakra" will be developped. 

We will examine the 'why and how' of color's impact on the aura and the psyche.

I will present the main colors and their various effects to anable you its everyday use.

We end with a short meditation using sounds and color visualization.

Let go

During the workshop, a personal theme will be selected by each participent and different tools will be used to feel how to let go.

Accepting our limitations, accepting what life gives us to live, our joys and trial.  Learn to love and accept ourselves as we are. Adopt an inner attitude of openness to life, self and others. Open our consciousness to new alternatives that allow us to evolve, allowing us to create a new reality that suits us better  .

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